Help us bring pro soccer to Kezar Stadium!

To play home games at Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park (15-20 games annually) the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Commission must approve the SF Deltas permit agreement.

We, the SF Deltas, have been meeting extensively with community and neighborhood organizations to convey  our passion and excitement, and to explain our proposal.  We envision the team playing in the heart of San Francisco and need your help to make it happen.

By electronically signing this letter you are asking the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Commission to approve the stadium permit agreement and to ensure the SF Deltas are economically viable so that team is set up for lasting success.

Thank you for your support and GO DELTAS!

Brian Andrés Helmick and the SF Deltas 

Commissioner Mark Buell President
San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission 501 Stanyan Street San Francisco, CA 94117

Commissioner Allan Low
Vice President Commissioner Gloria Bonilla
Commissioner Tom Harrison
Commissioner Meagan Levitan Commissioner Eric McDonnell
Phil Ginsburg, General Manager

Re: Support for the SF Deltas at Kezar Stadium

Dear Parks Commissioners,
There’s nothing like getting to see a sport being played professionally. I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to watch our team, the San Francisco Deltas. I was delighted to learn that professional soccer is headed to Kezar Stadium and the fact that the stadium is so centrally located is wonderful.

San Francisco is a great city for fans of other sports, but soccer is the most popular sport in the world and it’s time we had a team to call our own. This is a great opportunity, for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy an activity together.

Please vote yes on this proposal, including making sure the team has what it needs to survive economically. We’d hate this to be a repeat of earlier efforts when teams like the California Victory came and went.

Thank you for your time.

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